Art Classes Cheltenham

Art Classes Cheltenham


All classes are currently on hold. If you would like to sign up to a class in the future, do contact us. We will get in contact as soon as we have more information.

Francesca hosts regular workshops in her studio in Cheltenham for a full list please click on ‘upcoming events’.

The class is structured to make oils an approachable subject. You will learn the basic palette, mediums, painting technique, how start a painting, and how to use oil paint. The course is designed for total beginners, those seeking a ‘refresher’ or those who are new to oil paint. The course is structured with demonstrations at each step of the process.

 Francesca hosts two workshops-

‘Portrait Painting in oils from a photograph’

‘Still life for beginners’

 If you would like to find out more please contact Francesca. If you would like to sign up please do so through the ‘Upcoming events’ page.

The course is £170

You will need to bring:
Brush’s- a minimum of four brushes ideally size
0,2,4 suitable for oil painting. (My preference is square long flat)
One 12x16inch (or similar) canvas or board ready
for oil paint.
A Palette.
For the portrait course: One high quality image of a persons face,
ideally with lighting from one side. I will provide the image if needed.


Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Testimonials from previous Students

‘I attended Fran’s oil class as I’ve always painted in watercolour but never tired oils. From the first lesson, Fran explained everything clearly and talked through colours to use for skin tones, which was really helpful. Her knowledge and experience really show when she’s tutoring you and her comments are helpful. I’m really glad I attended her class and feel I now have the confidence to paint with oils- would highly recommend’

‘This course is fantastic. Fran’s teaching style is really friendly and she helps break down the process really well’

‘I really enjoyed Fran’s class. She’s found a good balance between constant input and letting you know when to go with it. The sessions are relaxed, but very productive. I would highly recommend this course’-Paul

‘This was a fantastic course I am a complete beginner but have been given such sound advice and encouragement through Fran that I know feel confident enough to go it alone’- Emma

‘I really enjoy Fran’s lessons; she’s a very patient teacher and is full of useful tips and tricks to help even the most novice. Would highly recommend this course’- Suzanne

‘Fran’s class has been great. I have improved my ability ten fold. The class itself are made up of interesting talented students of all ages and ability. Fran’s style is to encourage and motivate with her great knowledge and ability she makes the classes very enjoyable.’-Simon

‘Fran’s workshop gave me a friendly and helpful atmosphere to work in. She is really constructive without being overpowering. I’ve done this workshop three times and will do it again’ – Jo

‘Lots of basic tips and experienced advice. The inexperienced should not fear this class. You will come out of it feeling empowered! Thanks Fran’